Re-potting a San Pedro Cactus

Greetings fellow gardeners! This past weekend I decided to pick up a cactus that will hopefully produce beautiful and fragrant blooms.

The famous San Pedro cactus – Echinopsis pachanoi. I wanted to provide you guys with some quick tips on replanting this particular cactus.


  1. Get your soil mixture ready. The San Pedro cactus thrives in a rich, nutritious soil with good drainage. This allows the roots to permeate throughout the entire container and lets water flow freely.20170402_101515Here we’re going to mix up a 50/50 mixture of composted steer manure/sand and capped off with lava rock. Choose a container with a good amount of drainage holes. I went with a dark colored container to draw in a bit more heat from the sun since cacti generally enjoy warm roots. Nothing fancy here – I like to keep things easy and cheap.
  2. Drop in some lava rock for the base layer of your pot. This will ensure you’ve got good drainage. If the roots become waterlogged on the San Pedro (or any cactus/succulent), it will most likely perish.20170402_110602
  3. As I mentioned in my previous post, wood chips are the secret sauce to my garden! I’m adding a small amount here to encourage fungal activity in the root system.20170402_110625.jpg
  4. Mix up the manure and sand really well. Gently tamp down the soil mixture around the cactus. Make sure to gently break up the rootball when transplanting. Leave about 2 inches of room for another layer of lava rock.20170402_111239
  5. Top off the container with lava rock. This helps ensure adequate air exchange can occur at the top of the roots and keeps the soil in place. Rocks also help draw in heat from the sun and retain it overnight to make the cactus feel at home. Water the container thoroughly. If it retains the water briefly and then runs out from the drainage holes, you’ve done good! Set it out in the sun and that’s it!